The Mahoning Drive-in TheaterLehighton, PA, United States The Mahoning Drive-in TheaterLehighton, PA, United States The Mahoning Drive-in TheaterLehighton, PA, United States

DRIVE-IN APOCALYPSE (8 Films. 3 Nights. All 35mm.)

By Mahoning Drive-in Theater (other events)

3 Dates Through Jun 27, 2021

On June 25-27, Exhumed Films and the Mahoning Drive-In Theater will present the end of the world as you love it:  DRIVE-IN APOCALYPSE!  Hop aboard your souped-up futuristic hot rod and fasten your seat belts as we journey into dangerous, post-apocalyptic “future” worlds of killer robots, roving bands of outlaw psychos, dystopian competitions, vampire cults and Life Clocks on the verge of running out!  Eight classic cult favs shown in 35mm, with apocalyptic-themed trailers running before the films all weekend long!  

Friday, June 25:

THE TERMINATOR (1984) - After a robot-initiated apocalypse, a soldier is sent back in time from
2029 to 1984 to safeguard a woman from an unstoppable cyborg killing machine.  James Cameron’s original sci-fi blockbuster masterpiece comes to the giant drive-in screen!  Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn.

CHERRY 2000 (1987) - It’s 2017, and a rich businessman hires a sexy tracker to guide him on a dangerous journey across forbidden nuclear wastelands to an abandoned factory to locate a duplicate of his beloved android wife.  This rarely shown sci-fi/action gem was a cable staple of the late 80s/early 90s, and stars Melanie Griffith and such cult favs as Tim Thomerson, Laurence Fishburne, Ben Johnson, Brion James and Robert Z’Dar.  From director Steven De Jarnett who would later direct another essential apocalyptic gem, MIRACLE MILE.  

ROBOT JOX (1989) - Stuart (RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND) Gordon’s tale of world powers settling grievances, 50 years after a nuclear war, using giant robots manned by trained human jockeys.  Produced by Charles Band.

Saturday, June 26:

THE RUNNING MAN (1986)- Arnold Schwarzenegger is a framed police officer forced to participate in a capitol punishment audience participation game show where runners must fight for their lives and freedom against flashy killer “superheroes”, like “Buzzsaw”, “Fireball” and “Captain Freedom”.  Based on the novel by Stephen King.

DEATH RACE 2000 (1975) - In the year 2000, the ultimate sporting event is a brutal cross-country race where drivers score points by eliminating pedestrians along the way.  This iconic and outrageous Roger Corman production, as directed by Paul Bartel, is one of greatest drive-in cult classics of all time, and a flamboyant satire to boot.  

1990: THE BRONX WARRIORS (1982) - After producing such Lucio Fulci living dead favorites as ZOMBIE, HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY and THE BEYOND,  Italian producer Fabrizio De Angelis moved on to trashy apocalyptic action films with this fun amalgam of THE WARRIORS and ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK.   Directed by Enzo G. Castellari.

Sunday, June 27:

THE OMEGA MAN (1971) - Biological warfare has reduced the survivors of the world’s population to nocturnal sub-human vampires, except for machine gun-toting scientist Robert Neville (Charleton Heston), who hunts them down by daylight.  Based on Richard Matheson’s book I AM LEGEND.

LOGAN’S RUN (1976) - Life in the 23rd century is given over to the pursuit of total pleasure.. Until one turns 30, and your life is terminated! Michael Anderson's lavish, rarely screened cult sci-fi extravaganza!

Gates open at 6p each night. Showtime at Sundown!

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Fri/Sat pricing is General: $13 (per person. per day.) - General+Overnight: $20 (per person. per day.)

Sunday pricing is General: $10 (per person) - General+Overnight: $20 (per person)

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All events are rain or shine. No Refunds.