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It Came From The 80's: Horror Triple Features

By Mahoning Drive-in Theater (other events)

2 Dates Through Apr 24, 2021

Exhumed Films returns to the Mahoning Drive-In Theater with the “It Came from the 80s” horror movie weekend! Two nights of triple-bills showcasing demonic forces from beyond and tiny killer terrors! Horror fan favorites and rarely screened gems presented from glorious 35mm film prints (except where noted). All films will be preceded by a collection of curated vintage horror trailers.

Friday, April 23rd:

FROM BEYOND (1986) - The late Stuart (RE-ANIMATOR) Gordon’s gory and libidinous adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s short story is sheer horrific pleasure! Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Ken Foree and Ted Sorel star in one of the wildest and most entertaining American horror films of the 80s. Written by Dennis Paoli.

THE KEEP (1983) - Michael (THIEF, MIAMI VICE) Mann’s rarely screened, stylish, surreal and much maligned adult fairy tale taken from F. Paul Wilson’s novel. Music by Tangerine Dream. Screening from a beautiful, original 35mm print from the Exhumed Films archives; not available on Blu-ray.

AMITYVILLE II: THE POSSESSION (1982) This superior sequel takes place before the events of the original film. When a broken family moves into a new home, the evil that resides therein takes possession of their teenage son and all hell breaks loose. From famed Italian crime movie director Damiano Damiani, and scripted by HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH director Tommy Lee Wallace.

Saturday, April 24th:

CHILD’S PLAY (1988) - Everyone’s favorite sadistic serial killer trapped inside a Good Guy doll named Chucky is here! We’ve gotten many requests over the years for this one, now here it is! Directed by Tom (FRIGHT NIGHT) Holland.

BASKET CASE (1982) - Frank (FRANKENHOOKER) Henenlotter’s grimy, sleazy cult classic horror-shocker comes to the drive-in in an all-new 4K restoration! The blood and gore splashes everywhere when a strange young man and his wicker basket arrive at a disreputable NYC hotel. Digital presentation.

OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN (1983) - Peter (ROBOCOP) Weller goes off the deep end when a vicious, deadly oversized rat invades his swanky renovated apartment space. From George P. Cosmatos, director of RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II and COBRA.

Gates open at 6p. Showtime at Sundown.

General Tickets: $10 (per person)

General+Overnight Tickets: $20 (per person) *allows you to extend your stay until 12p the following day.

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