Harry & The Hendersons + Big Foot (National Sasquatch Awareness Celebration)

By Mahoning Drive-in Theater (other events)

Thursday, October 20 2022 6:00 PM 11:30 PM EDT




Reported sightings of a large, hairy, humanoid creature in and around the area of Seneca Road in Mahoning Township, Pennsylvania in recent weeks have surged.  Seven feet tall and seemingly a loner, this creature bears a strong resemblance, from eyewitness testimony, to the fabled “Bigfoot”, aka “Sasquatch”.  

In an effort to draw out this illusive creature for further study, The Mahoning Drive-In Theater is partnering with the Carbon Chamber and Economic Development Corporation to present a 35mm double feature of HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS (1987) and BIGFOOT (1970), on National Sasquatch Day, Thursday, October 20th.

We begin with a sympathetic Sasquatch portrayal in the 80s family classic HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS (1987), starring John Lithgow and Melinda Dillon as the heads of a household who find themselves hosting a benevolent Bigfoot, and the hairy hilarity that ensues as they try to keep their gargantuan guest a secret.

After that family frolic, we present a classic Drive-In case study in the dangers of trespassing upon Sasquatch sacred lands, BIGFOOT (1970), starring John Carradine, Joi Lansing, Doodles Weaver, Christopher AND John Mitchum, and Haji.  In this cautionary tale, it’s Bigfoot vs bikers when a creeper cryptid kidnaps lovely ladies deep in the woods, and only a bold band of heroic hog-riders can save them!  

A Portion of Proceeds from this event will go to the CCEDC, to aid in their mission of boosting local business and aiding in the fight against Sasquatch slander.

Gates open at 6pm. Showtime at Sundown.

General Ticket: $8 (per person) - General+Overnight: $16 (per person)

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