The Mahoning Drive-in TheaterLehighton, PA, United States The Mahoning Drive-in TheaterLehighton, PA, United States

LITTLE DEVILS: Gremlins I & II - Dolls & Child's Play 2 (on 35mm)

By Mahoning Drive-in Theater (other events)

2 Dates Through Jun 15, 2024

On June 14th-15th, get ready to guard your ankles as The Mahoning Drive-In Theater unleashes LITTLE DEVILS upon an unsuspecting audience, tiny terrors ready to run riot on 35mm!

Join us as pint-sized predators prowl the screen, and, if you’re not careful, your cars!  These Gremlins & Dolls make up what they lack in height with an abundance of fright!

On Friday, June 14th, we present a double feature of Joe Dante’s GREMLINS (1984) and GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH (1990), a cautionary tale of pet ownership and Following The Directions, with Zach Galligan and Phoebe Cates fighting for survival when their homes (and towns) are overrun by the not-so-cute-once-they-eat-after-midnight Mogwai.  A creepy, kooky, classic pair of silly shockers, with a wonderfully catchy theme song!

Saturday night gets mini-malevolent with Stuart Gordon’s DOLLS (1987), a not-so-cuddly creeper involving fierce figurines attacking unsuspecting travelers in an old dark house!  Produced by Brian Yuzna for Charles Band’s short lived but fondly remembered Empire International Pictures, precursor to Full Moon!

We then shift to everyone’s favorite, if murderous, Good Guy, Chucky!  CHILD’S PLAY 2 (1990) sees Chucky resurrected and in sinister search of his old pal Andy, now living in foster care.  More malevolent moppet mayhem, with Gerrit Graham and Jenny Agutter along for the ride!  See the first of many sequels that have kept Chucky alive and killin’ it to this day!

Arrive early for themed DJ sets, raffles, themed food items and more fun before the sun sets and the starry sky descends onto the massive Mahoning screen!

Gates open at 6pm. Showtime at Sundown.

General Ticket: $12 (per person/day) - General+Extended Pass*: $22 (per person/day)

Kids Pricing: $5 General Ticket (under 13years). Extended Pass available at gate.

*extended pass allows you to extend your stay until noon the following day.

See for FAQ.

All events are Rain or Shine. No refunds or transfers.