The Mahoning Drive-in TheaterLehighton, PA, United States The Mahoning Drive-in TheaterLehighton, PA, United States

SCHLOCK-O-RAMA VIII (8 Films. 2 Nights. All 35mm)

By Mahoning Drive-in Theater (other events)

2 Dates Through Jul 27, 2024

It’s summer and time to get your schlock on at the drive-in!

Exhumed Films and the Mahoning Drive-In Theater present SCHLOCK-O-RAMA VIII on July 26 & 27!

For this year’s event, we’re reveling in the wild and wooly world of regional and grindhouse horrors of the 1970s with two far-fetched & fun nights of rampaging vegetables, giant rats and killer cats on Friday night, and an onslaught of human beasts, bloodsuckers, blood cults and love-starved bee girls on Saturday!

THIS is what going to the drive-in was all about, and it’s going to be one incredibly strange weekend of psychotronic cinema excess that you won’t want to miss!

Friday, July 26:

ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES (1978) - Mutant tomatoes go on a murderous rampage in this insane horror/comedy cult classic! 
Directed by John De Bello / 83 mins

FOOD OF THE GODS (1976) - A hunting trip turns into a survival horror nightmare when giant animals (including wasps, rats and chickens!) attack! 
Directed by Bert I. Gordon / 88 mins

THE CORPSE GRINDERS (1971) - When a cat food supplier turns to the local graveyard for ingredients, the local cats turn their fangs on their owners! 
Directed by Ted V. Mikels / 72 mins

NIGHT OF 1000 CATS (1972) - A wealthy playboy likes flying around in his helicopter, seducing ladies and feeding them to his horde of hungry cats! Starring Hugo Stiglitz!
Directed by Rena Cardona Jr. / 63 mins

Saturday, July 27:

THE TWILIGHT PEOPLE (1972) On an island not far from Dr. Moreau’s, another mad scientist dabbles in mixing human and animal DNA with horrific results! Starring Pam Grier!
Directed by Eddie Romero / 81 mins

INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS (1973) - What on Earth can be turning harmless housewives into killer love-hungry bee creatures? 
Directed by Denis Sanders / 86 mins

INVASION OF THE BLOOD FARMERS (1972) - For what sinister purpose can a group of upstate NY farmers be harvesting copious amounts of human blood? 
Directed by Ed Adlum / 77 mins

THE BODY BENEATH (1970) - A family of inbred vampires seek new blood to restore their decrepit family line. 
Directed by Andy Milligan / 82 mins

All films will be presented in glorious 35mm and will be preceded by an astounding array of schlocky vintage horror previews!!!

Come early for themed eats, live dj, raffles, cosplay & more.. 

General Gates at 6pm each night. Showtime at Sundown.

General Ticket: $15 (per person. per day). General+Extended: $25 (per person. per day.)

See for FAQ.

All events are Rain or Shine. No refunds or transfers.