TROMA-THON 2023 (w/ Lloyd Kaufman LIVE!)

By Mahoning Drive-in Theater (other events)

2 Dates Through Jul 15, 2023

It’s time for the wildest show of the season, as TROMA-THON 2023 spews cinematic insanity into the eyes of an eager audience on Friday and Saturday, July 14-15!

Once again, Troma Entertainment partners with The Mahoning Drive-In Theater to present two days of the most outrageous independent films known to sub-humanity, transforming the theater grounds into a Tromahoning soiree of sludge and taboo-busting toxic treats guaranteed to widen your orifices and blow your mind!

Two nights of Tromatic triple features on the big screen!

Two nights of live bands and one-stop Troma shopping!

Lloyd Kaufman in person! Meet the man behind THE TOXIC AVENGER, POULRTYGEIST CLASS OF NUKE ‘EM HIGH, and SHAKESPEARE’S SH*TSTORM, and the Face of Troma Entertainment for half a century!

The Toxic Avenger and Sara on the scene! Mopping up crime and meeting fans!

FREE autographs and photos with these Troma titans!!! 

Plus a sneak peek at the new Toxic Crusaders video game, presented by the fine fiends at Retroware!


Spattering across the mighty Mahoning screen on Friday night will be:


The World Drive-In Premiere of EATING MISS CAMPBELL (2022), a tale of forbidden student-teacher relations, a vegan with a taste for flesh, scholastic violence, 90s horror, and…love!

CLASS OF NUKE ‘EM HIGH 2: SUBHUMAN MELTDOWN (1991) – Another Tromatic love story, with a college reporter from Troma Tech falling hard for a beautiful Sub-Humanoid created by the Tromaville Institute of Technology, who also accidentally unleash a giant mutant squirrel upon the student bodies!  Can our hero handle TIT’s terror, and save his school AND his relationship?

Joel M. Reed’s BLOODSUCKING FREAKS (1976) Presented on 35mm! The infamous grindhouse classic makes the screen run red with blood when a live stage show filled with all manner of atrocities proves to be much more than an act! Human dart boards…”home style brain surgery”…dental hijinks! Join the fun! WARNING! This film contains scenes of a gross and disgusting nature and if you’re not disgusted, then you should see a shrink!  NOT a love story!


Saturday night’s radioactive reels ready to rile you up:

CITIZEN TOXIE: THE TOXIC AVENGER IV (2000) Presented on 35mm! It’s Toxie vs Noxie in an interdimensional battle between worlds when Tromaville’s favorite freak is zapped into an alternate universe and his evil opposite threatens to terrorize the town!  See The Toxic Avenger battle The Noxious Offender while the fate of Tromaville hangs in the balance!

Charles Kaufman’s MOTHER’S DAY (1980), the Drive-In classic returns to the big screen!  Three women. Two brothers.  One MOTHER.  90 minutes of sheer terror as those mama’s boys commit unspeakable acts to the joy and delight of their demented matriarch!

Whaddaya got when all of society has become brutal misogynists due to a bad water supply, and only two untouched avengers stand against a world gone mad?  You got THE TAINT (2011), a demented dive into the depths of depravity!

Join us…IF YOU DARE…for two days celebrating Troma Entertainment, disrupting media for 50 years, a weekend you’ll never forget!

Gates at 6pm each night. Showtime at Sundown.

General Ticket: $10 (per person. per day.) - General+Extended Pass: $20 (per person. per day.)

See for FAQ.

All events are Rain or Shine. No refunds or transfers.