Tunnel Vision Tuesday: CARNIVOROUS / RAW MEAT '77 (on 35mm)

By Mahoning Drive-in Theater (other events)

Tuesday, October 24 2023 6:00 PM 10:30 PM EDT

On October 24th:  CARNIVOROUS (1977)/ RAW MEAT (1972) on 35mm.

The Mahoning Drive-In Theater is the place to be on Tuesday nights all season long as Exhumed Films presents TUNNEL VISION TUESDAY!

A double feature of cannibalistic carnage!  Too terrifying to witness, too unbelievable to look away!  

First!  Can this modern man survive in a stone age world? Robert Harper planewrecked in an unexplored jungle hell, captured by a lost tribe, cruel and primitive beyond belief, escaped and fought his way back to civilization. THIS IS HIS TRUE STORY!  


WARNING!  Contains scenes of savage brutality and animal cruelty. Viewer discretion is advised.

Then! Beneath modern London, buried alive in its plague-ridden tunnels lives a tribe of once humans.  Neither man nor woman, they are less than animals…they are the raw meat of the human race!  Who dares ride the Death Line to terror!  

Donald Pleasence stars as a police inspector investigating a series of disappearances in the London Underground in this sick slice of 70s cinema, RAW MEAT (1976), directed by Gary Sherman (DEAD & BURIED, VICE SQUAD). 

RAW MEAT (aka DEATH LINE) will be screened from the personal 35mm print of director Gary Sherman (VICE SQUAD, DEAD AND BURIED), who will be providing us with a special video introduction to the film!

Mind the doors!

Each Tuesday night, Exhumed films digs deep into their vaults for a mind-blowing single feature, with an extended deep-dish trailer reel to start the show, all on 35mm!

From genre classics to rarely-screened cult gems, come fill your Tuesday nights with a cinematic whirlwind of “holy grail” 35mm screenings!

Gates open at 6pm. Showtime at Sundown.

General Ticket: $8 (per person)
General + Extended Pass: $16 (per person)

All events are Rain or Shine.  No refunds or transfers.