Drive-in VHS-FEST 7! (Featuring Patty Mullen, Retro VHS Market & More)

By Mahoning Drive-in Theater (other events)

2 Dates Through Jul 08, 2023

Get ready to hit EJECT on reality and slip a slab of analog anarchy into your life on July 7-8, when The Mahoning Drive-In Theater, Lunchmeat, and Saturn’s Core Video present DRIVE-IN VHS FEST 7, two nights of tapehead terror, with six video store classics presented on the biggest outdoor screen in Pennsylvania, all from vintage VHS! 

Relive the days of renting the most bizarre flicks you could find with friends and having the collective mind-melting experience of “What IS this?” with your fellow tapeheads at The Mahoning Drive-In Theater!

Each film presented LIVE by Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher of The Found Footage Festival. They will serve up side-splitting segments from their Vol. 10 Tour & More!

If that wasn’t rewindally radical enough, we’ll also be welcoming Patty Mullen, star of FRANKENHOOKER and DOOM ASYLUM to meet fans and sell autographs and photos both nights! We proudly welcome her as Queen of VHS-Fest 7.

Aaaaand, you asked for Nasty. We Got Nasty! Larry Pine, MR. NASTY will be on site both days for an incredibly rare appearance!!

Each day will kick off with an early gate time and the legendary VHS FEST marketplace, our lot filled with dozens of vendors chock full of analog media, pop culture curiosities, and more! Applications available by request at [email protected] (space limited).


Friday’s hot rentals include:

DOOM ASYULUM (1987) -  Where do you want to go with your friends to party and NOT be killed by a disfigured maniac?  Not the DOOM ASYLUM!  Staring guest of honor Patty Mullen!  

WINTERBEAST (1992) – What could be the cause of a series of brutal killings around a cursed mountain lodge?  Could it be the local Native American legend in the flesh? Could it be….the WINTERBEAST?  

KILLER NERD (1991) – AMERICAN SPLENDOR’s Toby Radloff stars a deadly dweeb who has his pocket protector pushed too far in this bully-bashing bonanza of shot-on-video vengeance!


Saturday’s previously-viewed, guaranteed to play, short stack of slabs:

FRANKENHOOKER (1990)  - Frank Henenlotter’s cult classic tale of a tragic lawnmower accident interrupting true love, and the patchwork prostitute that results in the titillatingly twisted title character, portrayed by our special guest, Patty Mullen!

AT DAWN THEY SLEEP (2000) – Drug dealers party with the wrong crowd and wind up blood-sucking vampires….THEN the demons show up!

THE BRAIN (1988) – Could a talk show host’s rabid home viewer following be due to his charisma, compelling content, or the GIANT ALIEN BRAIN CONTROLLING THEIR MINDS???


Gates open at 3pm for the Retro Vendor Market before sundown! General Tickets include Market & Films.

General Ticket: $12 (per person) - General+Extended Pass: $20 (per person)

See for FAQ.

All events are Rain or Shine. No refunds or transfers.